logo project

1. types of logos
  • iconic/symbolic; convey a representation of a company or brand without the use of text. message of the brand without being overly complex or metaphorical. Some part of the logo must depict an angle oraspect of the business.Logo_FINAL
  • word-mark logo; This includes a company’s name or brand into a stylized font that tries to convey the idea of what the company is about. script fonts are used to imply a sense of formality or refinement whereas thick fonts try to display strength and power



  • Combination logo; This type of logo features the best of both worlds in combining both an image and text within the brand or logo.


2. characteristics of logo
  • shape; What gives a logo distinctiveness? The outline should be simple, but not too simple, and clear. meaningful elements should be clearly differentiated, with the use of white space where required.



  • presence; Your logo has good presence if it fills much of the available space with shapes that carry meaning. The more space you fill with elements that don’t either help recognition or add meaning, the less presence your logo will have.Bitmapvc13presskitbeccamccourt2
  • weight; Good weight means that a logo (or icon or logotype) does not rely on fine (slim or light) features in order to be recognizable. If a logo is bold, it can be effective in more environments.


  • contrast;  aids shape-recognition by making the edges between elements clearer.  Good logos (and icons) have lots of contrast on the edges of meaningful visual elements.


3. branding

  1. A brand is your companies “identity.”
  2. A logo doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies.
  3. A logo is rarely a description of a business.
  4. A logo is a graphic, mark or emblem that is used by companies or enterprises to promote instant public recognition.
  5. The purpose of a logo is to identify your company or business.
  6. When it comes to corporate branding, designing a great logo is like buying the right bike for a race
  7. When branding your company, your logo should be everywhere.
  8. Avoid overexposure; or marketing in the wrong direction.
  9. Company branding builds trust.  All small and large businesses should work hard to build a company brand.
  10. Logos are vital in building trust

4.  “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”


Shape – the line behind “capital one” distracts from the direct point, it doesn’t add to the brand.

Presence –  the presence isn’t bad because it still allows the white space needed to keep it good.

Weight – the weight is pretty good, the red line behind one makes it even on both sides and it makes it more bold

Contrast – the contrast in the before logo is better than the first one because the colours just seem to compliment each other better than in the first one





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